kindness for the self

77 Self-Nurturing Activities

Kindness for the self. Simple acts to treasure, nourish, respect the self. When self-care is a protected priority - 

life becomes richer and more satisfying.

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Self-Nurturing Activities

1. Listen to my favorite music.

2. Enjoy a long warm bubble bath.

3. Go for a walk.

4. Share a hug with a loved one.

5. Relax outside.

6. Do exercise of my choice.

7. Spiritual prayer.

8. Attend a caring support group.

9. Practice diaphragmatic breathing.

10. Do “stretching” exercises.

11. Reflect on my positive qualities: “I am...”

12. Watch the sunset/sunrise.

13. Laugh.

14. Concentrate on a relaxing scene.

15. Create a collage representing the “real 

16. Receive a massage.

17. Reflect on “I appreciate...”

18. Write my thoughts and feelings in a personal journal.

19. Attend a favorite athletic event.


Self-Nurturing Activities

20. Go horseback riding.

21. Reflect on my enjoyable memories.

22. Visit a museum/art gallery.

23. Enjoy a relaxing nap.

24. Practice yoga.

25. Relax in a whirlpool/sauna.

26. Enjoy a cool, refreshing glass of water
 or fruit juice.

27. Enjoy the beauty of nature.

28. Count my blessings: “I a thankful for...”

29. Play like I did as a child.

30. Star gaze.

31. Window shop.

32. Day dream.

33. Tell myself the loving words I want the
 hear from others.

34. Attend a special workshop/class/lecture.

35. Go sailing/paddle boating.

36. Reward myself with a special gift that I
 can afford.

37. Take myself on a vacation I can afford.

38. Create with clay/pottery.


39. Do something adventurous (i.e. skydiving,
  white water rafting, etc.).

40. Read a special book or magazine.

41. Sing/hum/whistle a happy tune.

42. Swing/slide/teeter-totter.

43. Play a musical instrument.

44. Spiritual meditation.

45. Work with plants in my house or garden.

46. Learn a new skill.

47. See a special play/movie/concert.

48. Workout with weights/equipment.

49. Ride a bicycle/motorcycle.

50. Make myself a nutritious meal.

51. Draw/paint a picture.

52. Swim/float/wade/relax in a pool/on a  

53. Do aerobics/dance.

54. Visit a special place I enjoy.

55. Smile and say, “I love myself”

56. Take the time to smell the roses and any
 other flower I enjoy.

57. Imagine myself achieving my goals and


58. Practice positive affirmations.

59. Pet an animal.

60. Watch my favorite TV show.

61. Reflect on my successes: “I can ...”

62. Write a poem expressing my feelings.

63. Make a flower arrangement/bouquet.

64. Lay on my back and watch the clouds.

65. Make myself something nice.

66. Visit a park/woods/forest.

67. Read positive, motivational literature.

68. Reflect on: “What I value most in life

69. Phone a special friend.

70. Enjoy a picnic in a beautiful setting.

71. Enjoy a cup of gourmet herbal tea/decaf

72. Participate in a favorite sport/game/

73. Practice a relaxation exercise, or listen
 to a relaxation tape.

74. Practice the art of forgiveness.

75. Treat myself to a nutritious meal at a
 favorite restaurant/cafe.

76. Participate in a hobby.

77.  Create my own unique self-nurturing list.

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