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Be as determined as a dandelion.


Update - May 20th

I look forward to speaking with you. We will decide to meet either in office or online by tele-health. I will return your call as soon as I can so we can begin. 

If you are in need of crisis counseling  - please go to the Depression page where plenty of resources are identified along with suggestions.

Menninger Clinic - Menninger Minute March 2020

Suggestions and strategies from the Menninger Clinic are in a blog post. 

online counseling is available


thera-LINK is a secure channel for online video counseling. 

We will determine together if online counseling will be of benefit.  

Booking a Session

All appointments - in office or online - are set by phone call(s) or explicit voice message(s).         214.824.2009


The only client videos to watch are:

Setup Your Client Account

Joining a Session as a Clien

Other client specific videos do not apply to our sessions.

Additional information available on page - Forms & Practice Info


You will not pay for sessions through thera-LINK. Payments will go through KASA (my billing service) or my credit card service.

It is up to you to determine if your insurance covers telehealth sessions. 


we are remarkable and resilient

We are always growing and changing. 

A crisis becomes an opportunity for growth when we encourage our internal creative resources. 

Moving into acceptance of what is happening begins the creative process. Good counseling is about responding well to a current crisis - good therapy is inviting all the growth and wisdom possible.

The future is your canvas - your life is yours to create. I offer my ability and experience in combining the arts and science that are essential to therapy, architecture and life.

Thriving through all life’s challenges is my approach to therapy.  

James Thurber

“Look back not in anger, nor forward in fear, but around you in awareness.” 


“We cannot put off living until we are ready. The most salient characteristic of life is its coersiveness, it’s always urgent, here and now without any possibility for postponement. Life is fired at us point blank." 

Jose Ortega y Gassett


Individual Counseling

Change & Crisis  Management

Sleep Disorders

Depression & Anxiety

OCD & Phobias

Stress & Pain Management 

Clinical Hypnosis

"Coming Out" & Sexual Identity Issues

Loss & Grief

Irritable Bowel Syndrome &

Gastric Distress

Couples Counseling

Blending Families

Improving Communication

Rediscovering Love

Improving Sexual Intimacy

Managing Finances

Negotiating Healthy Separation

Career Development

Goal & Priority Setting

Career Transition

Retirement / Return to Work Issues 

If you are curious about the phrase 

"Be as determined as a dandelion."

there is a blog post offering an explanation.


Over 20 Years Experience

I am skilled in treating the wide variety of therapeutic concerns listed in Specialties. Sleep disorders range from late night racing thoughts to recurrent nightmares or difficulty even settling into sleep. Disturbed sleep often complicates or even causes the emotional distress that brings people to my office. Restoring healthy sleep is a frequent first step to becoming healthier.

I presented for many years at national conferences for professionals regarding my approach to restoring healthier sleep.  

Clinical Hypnosis is one of my therapeutic approaches in helping clients accomplish their goals. I have extensive training in clinical hypnosis from the  American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) and other professional organizations. I have worked as an Approved Consultant for ASCH.

Prior to becoming both a Licensed Professional Counselor and a National Board Certified Counselor, I practiced commercial design for 10 years and remain a licensed Architect.

For an appointment call


ethics & insurance & fees


Professional Ethics

I am responsible for maintaining the ethical guidelines of practice as established by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors.

I hope and believe that you will never need the following number. Even so, every therapy client should know that there are people to turn to if you need to lodge a formal complaint against your therapist. 

The Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors: 1.800.942.5540



I am currently participating on the following insurance provider panels:

Blue Cross Blue Shield  -  Scott & White  -  Aetna

Insurance reimbursement is often available at the "out of network" level. A statement can be provided that contains all of the information your insurer needs to process a claim. The reimbursement check then goes to you. 

If you have an HSA or FlexSpending card with any insurance provider - those cards can be used whether I am a provider for that company or not.

Contact your insurance provider for best information regarding your available benefits.


Private Pay Fees

This is a fee for service practice. Payment is due on the date of the appointment. I have an income-based sliding scale that provides fee-friendly services.

Fees Effective July 5, 2018 

Initial session of 80 minutes is $165. 

Sliding scale fees are available 

after the initial session:

Income over $90K = $135 per session

Between $60K - $90K = $110 per session

Between $45K -$60K = $90 per session

Under $45K = $75 per session

Forms of payment accepted - credit & debit cards, HSA accounts, checks, and cash. Your HSA card can be used even if I am not a provider in your insurance network.

more ethical guidelines for your wellbeing


National Board of Certified Counselors

The license from the National Board of Certified Counselors is not required to practice in the state of Texas. The NBCC or NCC carry a lot of credibility and official status. Too much to outline here. To hold and keep the license requires an annual attestation to professional behavior, no criminal activity, and 20 hours of continuing education. Just like the ACA there is a long and detailed code of ethics.

American Counseling Association

Membership in the American Counseling Association is not required. Every year to renew I sign that I will continue following the ethical guidelines established for the practice of mental health counseling. The utmost protection for the wellbeing of clients - this is you.   

Law & Ethics

A great deal has been written about the relationship of ethics and law. Laws set the rules and regulations with specific enforcement. It could be said that ethics strive for the ideal. An intentional recognition of good and bad, right and wrong, moral values identified. Ethics inform behavior and intention. l nn=--5   kitten on the keyboard typing  


Thanks - you made it to the end of the page

This is the new face of in-office therapy. Masks matter when out and about and being able to see full expression matters in the office. I have a face shield for you to use. Shields are sanitized after every use.

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